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Get total control over your smartphone once it's rooted


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Root ToolCase is a super complete tool that helps you edit your smartphone once it’s been rooted.

Root ToolCase helps you manage all your apps by uninstalling the ones you don’t want without leaving a single trace behind, getting rid of the temporary data from the cache in order to speed up the processor and increase the available space in your memory without getting rid of useful information. The feature that really makes Root ToolCase stand out is its flash device objects installer, which lets you customize practically any element on your smartphone by turning it into something totally unique and giving it your personal touch.

From the Build.prop Editor you can edit the ROM features and with the Advanced Reboot section you can customize the startup process of your smartphone, access the safe mode in case you’re experiencing problems, and return it to its factory status if necessary.

If your smartphone is rooted, then don’t wait any longer – Root ToolCase is the app you need.
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